SF Cable Offers Dustproof & Waterproof CAT6 Couplers

SF Cable introduces its Dustproof & Waterproof CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Industrial Panel Mount Bulkhead Couplers and Punch Down Keystone Jacks that can sustain harsh environments with its IP67 waterproof rating.

CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Industrial Panelmount Bulkhead Coupler

As part of its wide array of network products, SF Cable, Inc. is introducing high-quality products suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Industry professionals and residents looking to protect their indoor and outdoor patch cables from harsh environmental conditions such as dust and water can look into the company's inventory of industrial panel mount bulkhead couplers and keystone jacks.

These dustproof & waterproof CAT6 Couplers are good for adding an outdoor Ethernet connection in backyard BBQ kitchen / entertainment center, keeping water and dust out. SF Cable's CAT6 RJ45 Shielded Industrial Panel Mount Bulkhead Couplersand Punch Down Keystone Jacks (also offered with water/dust cap) have 50 micron gold plated pins and have IP67 rating, making these products water resistant and protected from contact with harmful dust. According to CNET, an IP67 rating means the product can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The company also offers patch cable waterproof caps for use on industrial environments such as factory automation, residential outdoor network installation, and wet or untidy locations. This product must be used with unterminated wire for insertion as it will not fit with an RJ45 plug.