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Even if they appear to be the same physically, but electrically, there is a big difference in networking cables. To know what exactly they are, read on.

All about Cat 5, Cat5e and Cat6 Cables


After a hectic day and a grueling schedule, good music is what soothes and relaxes the soul. As we know, music is therapeutic. Now imagine if there's disturbance in the sound. Immediately one feels disgusted. A silent room with a nice sound system is a dream come true likewise, a screechy noisy sound while you are listening to your favourite track is a nightmare. We buffer music online so that we can listen to the latest songs as soon as they are released.

Now, imagine an interrupted and inconsistent video/audio experience. And no, its not your audio system or speakers. It's the cable. Cat5 cable is something that most of us have been using all these years but then technology has evolved a lot over the recent few years. If you have poor quality cables running from your computer or amplifier to your speakers, the music will sound bad.

When it comes to crystal clear sound quality, almost every aspect of an audio setup is important. Now there are variables like headphones, speakers, amplifiers and audio quality too. They are important but the most crucial part is the connecting cable. The connecting cables connect the spears to the computer as well as the internet modem to the computer. A bad quality cable means poor connection and poor sound quality.

There have been extensive researches done on the variables on which the sound quality is dependent and networking cables are one of the most important factors amongst them. It actually does affect the sound of your music.

What's the difference between Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cables?

Now when it comes to choosing the right cable, one would ask what's so different as on a superficial physical level, they all look just about the same. Even if they appear to be the same physically; but electrically, there is a big difference and it all has to do with bandwidth. The more data you wish to transfer through your cable, the higher is the frequency of the signal and the higher should be the cable's quality. Cat5 cable is comparatively lesser on quality compared to Cat 5e/Cat6 cable. So if you want higher data rates, choose a Cat5e cable or a Cat6 cable and all your networking needs would be met and you'd have a flawless musical experience.