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IEC Power Cords

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    Power Cords : The Lungs of Our Electrical World

    We cannot separate electricity from our lives. Majority of our day-to-day activities are either contingent on machines or electricity. Electrical supply is inevitable for machines. An electrical appliance requires a means to stay connected with the ...
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    International Power Cord Regulations That You Must Know About

    When you undertake installation of your devices with power cords, you must have observed in the specification sheet that one part of the cord is approved and another isn’t. This might lead you to wonder as to why is it so? Well, it can be a bit t ...
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    How To Choose the Right Extension Power Cord for your device

    It is important to choose a good electrical power cord for a good electrical device. Choose a cord with the heaviest wire. Consumers should choose a cord that includes a grounding pin on the plug. If you want to use a power cord in a wet environment ...
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    Cables form an important part of the electronic mechanism

    Cables are part and parcel of all working in the mechanical industry. You should buy something that is durable and important and that can be used in the long run. The cable industry is dynamic and ever growing, with newer products being introduced ...
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    Factors to be considered while buying C5 Power cords

    Searching through IEC C5 Power Cords may appear a tedious task at first glimpse, but it can be amazingly effortless to narrow down the search results by making use of a little perception. Common power cables and their specific uses are easier to un ...
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    SF Cable announced today that it now offers extension C13 to C14 cords in 6 different colors for quick and easy identification.

    Commonly referred to as IEC jumper cords or IEC extension cords, C13 to C14 cables are amongst the most popular power cords in the world. Today, SF CABLE is pleased to announce the world’s first and only truly universal C13 to C14 power cords tha ...
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    SF Cable Release New C14 Secure Sleeve to Help Ensure the Weakest Link in the Power Chain is Secure

    Based out of Union City, California, SFCable.com is one of the leading power cord and adapter suppliers in North America. Currently, SF Cable provides a complete line of standard and custom power cords and cable assemblies for virtually any inte ...

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