3 Types of Keystone Jacks You Must Know About!

If you have observed the electrical world around you, you must have seen cute little rectangular faces - around 14.5 mm wide and 16.0mm high. These are known as Keystone Jacks. Whenever you want to fix low voltage optical connectors and electrical jacks into a patch panel, faceplate, surface mount box or a wall plate; you can use these little devices. As they have a rectangular structure, it becomes easy for you to fix electrical jacks into the ports.

If you want your electrical systems to run well and enhance your productivity, you must choose the right keystone jack to solve your purpose. Through this blogpost, we will acquaint you with different types of Keystone Jacks and their functionalities.

Shielded Jacks

When it comes to using jacks, we have observed a lot of skepticism amongst people. Shielded jacks are used in conjunction with shielded cables such as our shielded Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A cables. This ensures that the shielding against EMI is continuous. Although these keystone jacks are expensive, they are worth the purchase if safety is very important to you.

Flush Mount Jacks

These are the latest type of modular jacks available in the market and they help you establish better connections. The chances of dropped calls and packet losses lessen as they streamline everything and work in sync with your phone. When you start using them, you will observe that they have elevated the quality of your electricity connections. Several companies based in USA sell flash mount jacks online. All you need to do is get in touch with the right company and find out about the costs involved in buying them. You can also speak with the experts for better understanding of this product.

Mini Jacks

For the past few years, these types of modular jacks have gained a lot of popularity. This is because they are tiny, compact, and extremely adaptable for tight spaces. So, whether you are attending conferences or partying, you can carry these mini jacks everywhere. And the best part? They are available at extremely low prices online. If you want to modify or change the looks of these jacks, you can find add-ons that will help you do so.

Other Types

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also find jacks in the keystone module format:

  • 8P8C modular jacks for computer networking
  • 6P6C RJ11 modular jacks
  • Optical fiber connectors
  • Banana connectors
  • F connector for TV antenna, satellite, or cable
  • HDMI jacks


There are times when you might not know about what keystone jacks you are looking for. We hope the above types brought better clarity for you. Remember, that superior quality modular jacks will always look unique and you will know about them even if you see them from a long distance.

Before you choose one of these devices for yourself, you must take care of the fact that they are compatible with your devices. If it is not, then you will not be able to use it for a long time and will have to undergo a lengthy process of making new configuration each time it loads. Also, you must find a keystone jack that works with all the major brands. To get details about such things, you can check out the names that it mentions at the back of the product. In case, such information is not available, you can always connect with the authorities of the company online.